Food & Beverage Attendant- Banquet Position $20.00/Hour

Pomeroy Hotel & Conference Centre Grande Prairie
Grande Prairie, Alberta

Employment Type: Casual

We are looking for a Food & Beverage Attendant to join our team! 

Job Summary: As Food & Beverage Attendant you are the key to executing our “we’ve been expecting you” sense of arrival for all guests. You are authorized to exceed guest expectations and assist with maximizing revenue by setting the stage for a personable dining experience and creating a flow of guests into the outlet to ensure the kitchen and servers can deliver optimal products and services.

Some of the Attendants duties are:

  • Completes their opening/closing duties, extra side duties and other checklists; never leaving assigned tasks for the next shift to complete.
  • Welcome and acknowledge each and every guest with a smile, eye contact and a friendly verbal greeting. Understands that time spent at the entrance must be maximized; returning promptly after seating guests.
  • Using downtime in your shift to plan and work ahead. Ensuring side duties and check lists are completed.
  • Vigilant to protect both the asset and our guests ensuring responsible service of both food and alcohol. Diligent in following, to the letter of the law, all local and provincial health & safety, food handling, alcohol service and video lottery terminal laws.
  • Responds to guest complaints by seeking to understand to resolve all issues prior to the guest’s departure.


  • Previous experience as a Host/Hostess is an asset
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure while working in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to multi-task and organize, produce accurate work and guest service
  • Excellent listening and comprehension skills required

Working Conditions: Host/Hostesses have a great deal of impact as they are in constant contact with our guests and are extremely influential to the overall guest experience. Hosts/Hostesses will spend most of their time on their feet, and are frequently required to respond quickly in fast-paced and noisy environments. They may experience:

  • Long periods of standing and interacting with the guest
  • Shifts work is required. Rotating based on the hours of operation from morning to afternoon to evening shifts any day of the week or weekend
  • Periods of working under pressure to serve guests quickly and efficiently.
  • Due to the location of our restaurants, the host/hostess may be exposed to brief periods of cold to very cold air in the winter as front doors open and close
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