Corporate Facilities Manager

Pomeroy Lodging Calgary
Calgary, Alberta

Last Day to Apply: April 30, 2024
Employment Type: Full Time - Salaried

We are looking for a Corporate Facilities Manager to join our team!

Are you looking to join the workforce of a successful and rapidly growing organization? Look no further. We are dynamic and thriving, and your skills will be valued in our innovative and expanding environment.

Job Description

As the Corporate Facilities Manager, you play a vital role in driving operational and financial excellence. Your responsibilities encompass strategic CAPEX planning, meticulous execution of capital projects, and rigorous facility maintenance management. Your role ensures that each project aligns with corporate strategies and complies with operational policies while managing budgets, timelines, and quality standards. Your role is crucial in maintaining effective communication with stakeholders and managing contracts and external partnerships. Additionally, you oversee comprehensive preventative maintenance programs, ensuring facility longevity and efficiency.

Pomeroy Perks

  • Competitive wages and Health and Wellness benefit plan.
  • Paid on-the-job training with additional learning opportunities.
  • Growth and development opportunities, both personal and professional.
  • Personal days: 5 per year after 90 days of continuous full-time employment.
  • Pomeroy Stay Travel Program.

Key Focuses

  • Strategic Planning:
    • Collaborate with operations to build a 3-year rolling CAPEX budget and strategic plan relating to equipment, infrastructure, and facilities. Compliant with corporate, production, and operating policies.
  • CAPEX Portfolio Management
    • Manage and oversee a comprehensive maintenance program for the hotel and spa facilities.
    • Develop, scope, cost, and plan all routine maintenance CAPEX projects, ensuring they align with standard project procedures and corporate policies.
  • Project Execution and Oversight
    • Oversee the entire lifecycle of capital projects, from conceptual design to handover, by planning, executing, and tracking progress within budget and schedule constraints, staffing project teams effectively with clear direction and appropriate skills, managing proactive quality control over budget, schedule, plans, and personnel, and verifying and approving key project milestones to ensure strict adherence to quality and standards.
  • Communication and Coordination
    • Effectively maintain and manage communication with all project stakeholders, encompassing regular updates on project status, schedule, and cost, along with timely escalation of issues, while organizing and conducting strategic discussions to ensure alignment of project goals and execution strategies.
  • Budget and Schedule Management
    • Define and manage project budgets and schedules.
    • Prepare monthly progress reports and keep stakeholders informed of critical issues and risks.
    • Implement strict project and financial controls, including change management, cost forecasting, and invoice review/payment.
  • Contract and External Partner Management
    • Use proven selection processes to develop appropriate contract strategies for projects.
    • Manage external partners, including contractors, suppliers, and engineering offices.
  • Facility Maintenance Management
    • Direct and manage all aspects of facility maintenance, encompassing oversight of repairs and improvements, ensuring adherence to health, safety, and environmental regulations, and managing contracts and relationships with external service providers and vendors.
  • Preventative Maintenance Program Management
    • Develop and manage a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to ensure the longevity and efficiency of all facilities, including the creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), overseeing repairs and improvements, ensuring compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations, and managing contracts and relationships with external service providers and vendors.
    • Develop and oversee emergency response plans for facilities-related incidents. Conduct risk assessments and implement risk management strategies.
  • Lives the Core Values
    • Understands that their people are their customers and does not fail to keep promises. Personal communication, interactions, and behaviour support all five of the organization's core values. Deliverables are executed in a manner that requires little or no follow-up in terms of scope, timeliness and quality.


  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in facilities management, preferably in the hospitality industry.
  • Proven track record in managing large-scale capital projects and preventative maintenance programs.
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to manage multidisciplinary teams.
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and negotiation skills.
  • Knowledge of current trends in hospitality facilities management and sustainable practices.

Working Conditions

This position may work long days and/or weekends to meet periodic upturns in business demands or meet deadlines. This detail-oriented and analytical position is set in a fast-paced environment with high levels of interaction with employees and other stakeholders.

About Pomeroy Lodging

Pomeroy Lodging is Western Canada’s leader in hospitality and lodging. Driven to meet every need, we own and operate a comprehensive range of hotels and resorts throughout the West. Our investment goes well beyond the walls of our hotels and the land we build on. Pomeroy Lodging is committed to investing heavily in our people, properties, and communities.

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